DataBase Application Development by David Nye

David Nye Client List


Academy Credit Services Ltd
Job tracking and billing system

Alpha Flight Services
Airline supplies bar code tracking and stock control system, production control, food preparation quality control

Multivalue database development

Apex Debt Management Services
Job control, reporting and billing system

Audifon UK Ltd
Hearing Aid manufacturer order processing, job control and service history system

Sheet metal workshop job costing, order processing and job control system

Brahms & Lizst
Mobile bar invoicing system conversion from Excel to Access

Land, building and utility surveyor project and document management

Colbridge Engineering Ltd
Engineering workshop order quotation, job control, billing and purchase order processing system

Commercial Investigation Network Ltd
Job control, reporting and billing system

Concept Integrated Systems Ltd
Data conversion from PICK to Unix for TBWA

Conservatory Blinds Ltd
Marketing and customer relationship management database

Crawley Industrial Services
Manufacturing equipment removal service costing, order processing and job management

Data Analysa Systems Ltd
Microsoft Access Database design and security consultancy on contracted out council service management systems

Visual Basic drag and drop training course planner

Electronic Media Audits Ltd
Audit tracking database prototype

Erskine House Group
Vehicle Fleet Management system, Universe conversion, EDI, technical and operational support, service call logging, serialised stock control, sales staff restricted access security control, service call processing code optimisation, data archiving, telesales, warehouse and distribution, conversion of DataEase sales daybook & commission pay plan, stores performance analysis, spare part life measurement and stock control, inter office revenue allocation, purchase order processing

Eyeball Surveillance Ltd
On-line enquiry processing, job control and billing system

Four Corners Interactive Ltd
Scripting and SQL for National Adult and Junior Tennis Leagues web site to calculate distance between members postcodes, and to allocate members to leagues based on location

IG Index
Financial betting, risk management and archiving systems

Ikon Office Solutions plc
Order processing, lease contract management, BACS, cash book, office equipment sales invoicing, purchase ledger, invoice matching, auditing, stock control, banking, and multilingual upgrade

Information for Industry Ltd
Environment Business Intelligence automated personalised email generation from database and subscription profile

Examination scheduling, results, analysis and billing system for the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (see case study)

Mitre Sports International
Purchase Order Processing, Goods Receipt tracking and matching system

Memec (Memory and Electronic Components) plc
Conversion of bespoke Order Processing and Stock Management modules from PICK to Unidata. European Community VAT requirements. Order Processing module for production of Assemblies from components.

Palmer Sport
Jonathon Palmer's corporate hospitality organisation; Event Management System for corporate race days

Plus Publishing Ltd
Scripting and database development for the on-line publication of poems

Skillshelf Ltd
SQL development for Training Needs Assessment (TNA) on-line training and testing system

Vehicle fleet management system

Develop Visual Basic Expert qualification on-line exam

Talking Webs
Database programming for dynamic web sites such as finda-pet and wisermove

Travellog Systems
Maintenance of holiday booking systems for the Caravan and Camping Club, AA, and Airtours
Conversion of Access database back end prototype onto live SQL Server

SQL Server database programming and server side scripting for property search web site (see case study)



"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did for us. It really is an excellent system and has coped admirably with the demands we have placed on it." Ann Crawley, LAMDA (see case study)

"Jon and I thank you for the understanding and efficiency applied to our project. We would gladly recommend your services to others." Peter Houghton, Wisermove (see case study)

"Having had a little while to operate with the latest changes I have to compliment you on what has been achieved. From the purchasing side of things I'm very happy with what I'm now able to do and the way things operate. I have been involved in several systems operating in a much larger environment in the past which were not as flexible or as user friendly as the purchasing element of the system you have developed for us. Please accept my thanks for providing me with an excellent means of getting my job done more efficiently." Mike Timberlake, Ingenia Solutions Ltd

"We are very happy with recent changes you made and with the database as a whole and would like to thank you for the work you put in and your efficiency and professionalism. We look forward to working with you in the future." Rebecca Taylor, Policy Studies Institute

"I write to express my sincerest thanks for all of your work in developing and implementing the new Online Entry System for LAMDA. I am delighted with the way that the system operates and feel that it is very effective and user friendly. We are looking forward to feedback from those teachers who use it. Thank you once again for your hard work and expertise." Daryl Lucas, LAMDA Examinations

"The environment at KTS is a rather fast paced one, and David handled all of his duties very well. He learned quickly, was very methodical and was eager to take on new responsibilities. I recommend David Nye without reservation to any future employer." Joel Nirenberg, The KTS Systems Group

"David was responsible for the systems analysis of all major Copier Division data processing developments and management of the more significant projects. He consulted regarding the overall direction of computer systems development and took particular interest in, and showed understanding of, business management information systems. During his time with the Group, David worked very effectively, was totally reliable and was a keen member of the department." Malcolm Dearsley-Hitchcock, Erskine House Group