DataBase Application Development by David Nye

About David Nye


David's background in corporate IT and management of software products development for two leading systems houses was an ideal foundation for launching his own business. Initially focussed on mainframe database programming, David started to work with Microsoft products in 1996. These have allowed him to prove the enormous benefits of bespoke database applications to organisations with limited IT resources, which are perhaps most in need of more streamlined systems.


His extensive commercial experience taught David to communicate easily and efficiently with all levels of staff, and users of any technical ability. He has an apparently intuitive understanding of virtually all business processes, resulting in exceptional design visualisation of the computer systems needed to support any corporate project. He can be trusted to act responsibly and maintain confidentiality in any situation, and fully understands the need for competitive advantage in industry.


David Nye photo


"Mr Nye is very thorough regarding his work and always approachable when dealing with even the most obvious questions or queries. He is both professional and knowledgeable in this field."


"I am motivated by learning about a business, analysing how a tailor-made database application can help it run more efficiently, and how systems can be improved. Then developing and implementing a solution, watching how it performs, how it is used, and seeing the business develop as a result. This is an incredibly rewarding process... for everyone."