DataBase Application Development by David Nye

David Nye Bespoke Sales Order Processing Example


Client:Hearing aid manufacturer, also distribution and service, based in Horley, Surrey, UK.
Size:1500 sales and service orders per month.
Objective:To replace the existing part computer, part manual systems with fully integrated order processing and service database.

Sales Order Entry/Review

  • Select model
  • Select left, right or both
  • Select options
  • Select customer account
  • Select delivery location (from list for selected customer)
  • Select dispenser name (from list at selected location)
  • Enter patient name, customer order number/reference, date delivery required, additional notes
  • Automatically assign order date, sequential job number and serial number(s)
  • Enter hearing loss charts
  • Print dispatch note
  • Print statement of compliance
  • Options to search for and display/amend previous orders

Service Request Entry/Service History Review

  • Enter serial number
  • Display original order details and previous service history
  • Enter service required, per ear (left/right/both)
  • Enter charge code (left/right/both)
  • Automatically assign service request date and sequential service job number

Maintenance functions

  • Product/price/model list
  • Option list
  • Customer list
  • Delivery location list including sub-form for dispenser name list
  • Set next job and serial number


  • Display outstanding job list in due date order
  • Select jobs despatched e.g. using check box against each job on list
  • Press button to apply specified despatch date (default “today”) to selected jobs
  • Automatically add despatch date to job details thus removing from “in-house” list


  • “In-house” register i.e. outstanding jobs
  • Daily dispatch list
  • Orders by date
  • Order analysis facilities