DataBase Application Development by David Nye

David Nye Bespoke Business Database Example


Client:Building and land surveyor, based in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK.
Size:10 database users.
Objective:Comprehensive database incorporating the majority of day to day business functions.

Functional Requirements Overview

  • Individual login passwords with 3 levels of permissions
  • Employee records (see screen shot below)
  • Contact records (prospects, clients and suppliers)
  • Telephone call logging and message retrieval
  • Job costing and quotation, revised quotation 
  • Order confirmation, job control and management
  • Label print
  • Drawing register, distribution log, drawing issue sheet
  • Work in progress
  • Invoice generation
  • Credit control
  • Timesheet and expenses 
  • Supplier records and purchase invoices
  • Company vehicle records

Contact Records

  • Prospects, clients and suppliers
  • User friendly handling of multiple contacts for same company
  • Mail shots and labels print


  • Select client and contact from list.
  • Generate job number.
  • Quote date (default from system clock).
  • Input quote header and line details as per existing Word template.
  • Print quote using Word template.
  • Quote search and review functions.

Order Confirmation

  • Generate job record from quote details automatically.
  • Input start date, calculate end date.
  • Enter additional job details.
  • Print job and site details (exclude costs) for surveyor to take on site.
  • Option to generate and send an order confirmation to the client.
  • Job search and review functions.

Drawing Register

  • Select job record
  • Select Drawings issue sheet
  • Input drawing details
  • Input media details and link drawings to media
  • Input distribution contact details
  • Print issue sheets and labels
  • Indicate whether job is completed and ready for billing.


  • Select job to invoice from displayed list of finished unbilled jobs.
  • Generate next invoice number.
  • Generate invoice details from quote and job records.
  • Print invoice, format based on existing invoices.
  • Save invoice number and date printed on job record to flag as billed.
  • Invoice search and review functions.

Payments and Credit Control

  • Select paid or queried invoice from displayed list of unpaid invoices.
  • Click Paid button to flag invoice with payment date and remove from list.
  • Click Action button to add time stamped note regarding credit control action.
  • Option to reprint invoice.

Employee Records

  • Employee details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Salary increment history
  • Time sheet control information
  • Company car indicator

Employee Time and Expenses

  • Provide secure login for each employee.
  • Option to enter time and expenses.
  • Automatically prompt for time and expenses input for the next calendar date (starting at the date input on employee record plus any dates already input).
  • Select "Job", "Admin", "Sick", "Holiday", "Bank Holiday", "Lieu", or "Weekend".
  • If "Job" selected then prompt for job number, "Office" or "Site", and mileage if on site.
  • Enter expense list for this date.
  • Option to print Time & Expenses Sheet for selected month; format based on the existing spreadsheet.
  • Automatic calculation of monthly mileage and expenses claimed.