DataBase Application Development by David Nye

Database Application Development
By David Nye

Microsoft Access Database Development

Access is the Database product in the Microsoft Office family. So if you are working with Office, and need Database power, then I can make Access work for you.
David Nye, MS Access specialist since 1996

Microsoft SQL Server Programming

For real client/server processing performance and security you need Microsoft SQL Server managing the data storage. Combined with a Microsoft Access or ASP.NET front-end, let me help you to take advantage of the best of current technologies.
David Nye, Building with SQL Server since 1998

Building Business

Off the shelf software today offers tremendous power, flexibility and value. Yet every organisation is unique, and almost all need to find competitive advantages. It is my experience that customised software can help your business in many ways.

  • efficiency and automation
  • quality of service and response times
  • accuracy of record keeping and access to data
  • management information and decision making

If you can tell me about your business, how it works and what is holding it back, then I can call on over 20 years of commercial experience to suggest ways in which your computer systems could be improved to help more. Together we can define and cost justify a development project to suit your unique needs.

Please read the case studies LAMDA and Wisermove. These show how I have provided this service in two very different situations. Working from the analysis stage, through developing the customised solution, to seeing how the finished product works for these individual businesses.

Recent projects include:

Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT

From April 2022 all VAT registered businesses must sign up for MTD and submit VAT Returns using MTD compatible software or bridging software. Businesses already keeping digital accounts in a Microsoft Access database or Excel spreadsheets can use free of charge bridging software to achieve this quickly and at very low cost. One of my clients has now been doing this since 2019, since their turnover is above £85,000.
Example Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT System

Job Management Systems

For any workshop or service company, effective management of jobs is fundemental, yet often least well supported by computer systems. This may be due to difficulty finding good software to fit unique working practices. A bespoke job control system tailored to your exact requirements is the ideal solution.
Example Job Management System

Stock Control Systems

Whilst there are many excellent stock control packages available, they can prove too difficult to use for the smaller enterprise. Installing a more user friendly custom database will encourage your staff to keep records up to date and accurate, and can take the pain out of tasks like re-ordering and stock checks.
Example Stock Control System

CRM Systems

From marketing through to customer service calls, Customer Relationship Management is the key.
Example CRM System